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Crossway has as it's main purpose and goal, to provide an environment of love and joy, in which you can begin, nurture and mature in a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ and other fellow believers.

We don't "play church"...and are eager to walk beside you, encourage you, as we endeavor to serve the Lord together. We are REAL people! We are not perfect, but are sincere!

You will know and feel the warm welcome the moment you walk through the doors.

If you are seeking a church home "Crossway" is a nice place to worship, just as Three Rivers is know by the motto of " a nice place to live". Come and see for yourself!

It's no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday at our
at 10:00am.

Lunch will be served after the service!!

Bible Study 7pm Wednesday
Old Church - 1130 S. Main Palmer

Ladies Bible Study 10:30am Thursday
Old Church - 1130 S. Main Palmer

Yankie & Cookie Swap - Ladies Only Saturday
New Church

Sermon Notes

Good News for Today!

The Christmas shopping has begun or to not offend anyone, the holiday shopping has begun. Parallel to it are the attacks on the festive season. E.g. All I want for Christmas is to Skip church. I am too old for fairy tales. Watch clip.

For many Christmas does have a special place in their hearts. Great and precious memories of  opening their gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas morning.

 How do you look at Christmas today? Is the world and the media watering down the value of Christmas?

Luke 1:26-34

Is this Good News or what? Is it good news for Mary and Joseph? Is it good news today?

* Good news must be correct or true.

One newspaper printed an article about the city council. In the headlines was printed: Half The City Council Are Crooks! After many telephone calls from city officials the paper decided to write a correction and they printed the following correction: "Half The City Council Are Not Crooks!" Local Newspapers sometimes print incorrect information. When things are incorrect they are unreliable and obviously cannot be considered good news. But the Christmas story is correct.

* The good news was brought by an Angel.

* The good news was checked out by the shepherds.

Luke 2:15-16

Not only was this good news because it was correct but, it was CURRENT.

A. The angel suddenly appeared and spoke to the shepherds. That was current!

B. A heavenly host was all around! Again Current!

C. The Baby was found just as the angel announced.

All is current.

But is it current for us! Jesus is just as real today as He was in that manger 2000 years ago.

To Be good news it must be common, ordinary.

* Not common ordinary news for this was uncommon

* A Virgin having a baby

* A king born in a stable

* No it is not that the event was common but the event was for the common people. Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men.

* To be good news it must be CORRECT, CURRENT, COMMON, and finally, This good news must be communicated.

Luke 2:17,18

It must be communicated by us today. We need to tell it to our culture, our generation and the generation to come. We need to make the message clear. Not like the busy Christmas shopping wife who left a brief note to her husband "Thaw Turkey" He wrote back, "I thaw one too!" No, our communication must be clear. No Christ, No Christmas

The Baby born that 1st Christmas morning is able to change your life today. When you receive him by faith He will literally change your entire life. You will not be able to be quiet about how Jesus has changed your life.

* You communicate it with your lifestyle.

 You might be saying, "So What?" I know the Bible says Jesus was born but what is that to me?

If it was truth for the Shepherds, this birth is still truth today. There are five truths that you can count on.

* All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

* All are loved

* All can be saved

* All will be judged

* Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

That  is the truth, believe it!   And if you believe it, it will impact your life.