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Crossway has as it's main purpose and goal, to provide an environment of love and joy, in which you can begin, nurture and mature in a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ and other fellow believers.

We don't "play church"...and are eager to walk beside you, encourage you, as we endeavor to serve the Lord together. We are REAL people! We are not perfect, but are sincere!

You will know and feel the warm welcome the moment you walk through the doors.

If you are seeking a church home "Crossway" is a nice place to worship, just as Three Rivers is know by the motto of " a nice place to live". Come and see for yourself!

It's no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday at our
at 10:00am.

Lunch will be served after the service!!

Wednesday Night Bible Study- 7pm
New Church - Fellowship Hall

Ladies Bible Study
Thursday 10:30am - New Church

Men's Dinner
Thursday 7PM - Contact Roland - #860 883 8074

E.P.I.C. Youth Night
Friday 7pm - Old Church

Sermon Notes

Life – What’s it all about?

What is Life all about? I come into this world without a choice. I am nurtured and taught certain principles of life. Get an education, choose a career, get married, etc.,  eventually retire and wait to go back to the ground. Is that what life's all about?

Let's see what Jesus said.      Luke 12:15, 21, 23 look at v21 again     -   

Acts 3:15.  KJ says Prince of Life. Meaning the Originator, founder, Author of Life.
Romans 5:17. Will reign in life other translations say. Life in contrast to death.

Let's think carefully about the purpose of life. What on earth are we here for? How can we make the most of life?

Long ago, young David volunteered to fight the giant, but his brothers scoffed. David's famous response was: "Is there not a cause?" 1 Samuel 17:29. Reason?

There is a cause for every one of us because God has a perfect purpose and plan for our lives to use us to change the world. We're here to accomplish His will. Our success and significance depends on finding the cause.

Let's take those five letters-CAUSE-as our model, use it as an acronym.

The "C" stands for Celebration.

We're here to celebrate God, to worship Him, to rejoice in Him, to enjoy Him.

Our very lifestyle as disciples of Christ is an act of worship; and when we come together on Sundays, we're simply expressing corporately what we've been experiencing individually. Alive in Christ!

The "A" stands for Attitude.

God desires in us certain attitudes that He wants displayed-love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. When we are rooted and growing in Christ, we're like fruit trees. The invisible "sap" of the Holy Spirit produces the attitudes of Christ like fruit in our lives. We become Christ-like, His disciples.

The "U" stands for Unity.

We're made to be part of God's family and to care for His children. Jesus prayed for us.                                John 17:21.                1 Corinthians 1:10

To be adopted into God's Family is a supernatural experience and to be valued. 

The fourth letter in the word CAUSE stands for Service.

We can only serve God when we serve others. Jesus said when we give a small kindness to one of the least of His children, it's as though we are doing it for Him. He came not to be served, but to serve; and He expects us to follow in His steps.

Serving God isn't just showing up at church on Sunday with a bright smile on our faces. It's getting down to help people who need our help and being available to God so He can use us in all situations.

Finally, the "E" stands for Evangelism.

We're often afraid to share our faith, but the early Christians were scattered everywhere, preaching the Word. It isn't a complicated message. It's as simple as John 3:16. But we have to share it, for God has given us a great commandment-to love one another-and a great commission-to share the message of Christ with the entire world.

A great commitment to the great commandment and the great commission makes a great Christian and a great church. 

This is life. This is our cause. It's not a game, but a glorious calling because our lives do not consist in the abundance of the things we possess, but in Him who gives us life more abundantly.