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Crossway has as it's main purpose and goal, to provide an environment of love and joy, in which you can begin, nurture and mature in a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ and other fellow believers.

We don't "play church"...and are eager to walk beside you, encourage you, as we endeavor to serve the Lord together. We are REAL people! We are not perfect, but are sincere!

You will know and feel the warm welcome the moment you walk through the doors.

If you are seeking a church home "Crossway" is a nice place to worship, just as Three Rivers is know by the motto of " a nice place to live". Come and see for yourself!

It's no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday at our
at 10:00am.

Lunch will be served after the service!!

Home Fellowship - Sunday @ 6-8pm
 John & Toni - 275 Barker St, 3Rivers

Wednesday Night Bible Studies - 7pm


Host: Remo & Ginny  Phone: 413. 348 7123  Addr: 38 Circle St, Monson

Three Rivers

Host: John & Toni Phone: 413. 289 9261 Addr: 275 Barker St, Three Rivers


Host: Enzo & Mary Phone: 207.701 6453 Addr: 16 Riverview Circle, Brimfield


Host: Bob & Karen Phone: 413. 277 0922 Addr: 210 Belchertown Rd, Ware

Ladies Bible Study
Thursday 10:30am - New Church

Men's Breakfast
Saturday 8am - New Church

Sermon Notes

Together - Let's Bear Fruit #3

 Our lifestyle needs to reflect what we believe and to whom we belong. God bought us, He owns us and He needs to be honored.


John 15:8,   Matthew 7:20,   Fruit is Nine Fold, Galatians 5:22 

Philippians 1:9-11

John 15:11

Love is the relationship that unites the disciples to Christ as branches are united to a vine. Two results stem from this relationship: obedience and joy. Obedience marks the cause of their fruitfulness; joy is its result. Jesus intended that the disciples' lives should be both spontaneous and happy rather than burdensome and boring.

In the New Testament, JOY is found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ. (Emotional excitement). It is the assurance that we are members of God’s family regardless of what positives or negatives life brings. It is closely aligned with hope, which is the confident assurance that God is ultimately in control and will someday right all wrongs with the return of Jesus Christ. Titus 2:13,14

What strengthens joy?

James 1:2-3 The primary meaning of many kinds is "many-colored."

Being surrounded by all kinds of trials should be viewed as reason for genuine rejoicing. Why? Because nothing can separate us from His Love.

What is the one thing that brings about “joy inexpressible”?

1 Peter. 1:8.

What is one way this sure foundation of joy can express itself?

2 Corinthians. 8:2.

Although they were then facing a severe ordeal involving persecution, the Macedonian churches, such as those at Philippi, Thessalonica, and Berea, had contributed generously. As Paul expresses it, their "rich generosity" was the overflow of "overflowing joy" and "extreme poverty". Their poverty no more impeded their generosity than their tribulation diminished their joy.

Joy, then, is that ever-deepening awareness that our lives are hidden in Christ and that we can be led by the Spirit through anything. Afflictions, trials, pressures or frustrations may come, but they cannot destroy us; so we experience joy. We may genuinely hurt, we may weep, we may be tempted, we may not understand what God is allowing to come our way; but none of this causes us to lose God’s focus in our life. We can even look beyond our own circumstances during difficulties and minister to the needs of others. Romans 8:28. This is biblical joy.

Psalm 16:11 (GW)

Thought to ponder on:        Proverbs 17:22 TLB - put another way..

Being cheerful keeps you healthy.

It is slow death to be gloomy all the time.