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Crossway has as it's main purpose and goal, to provide an environment of love and joy, in which you can begin, nurture and mature in a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ and other fellow believers.

We don't "play church"...and are eager to walk beside you, encourage you, as we endeavor to serve the Lord together. We are REAL people! We are not perfect, but are sincere!

You will know and feel the warm welcome the moment you walk through the doors.

If you are seeking a church home "Crossway" is a nice place to worship, just as Three Rivers is know by the motto of " a nice place to live". Come and see for yourself!

It's no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.

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Sermon Notes

Attitude - It Can Reward You or Stifle You #5

What Is an Attitude?

Attitudes are evaluations people make about objects, ideas, events, or other people. Attitudes can be positive or negative. Attitudes are patterns of thinking. You develop a way of thinking about things - a way of approaching life.

Philippians 4:8

Is it possible that Christians complain far more than we like to admit.

Wilderness attitude number one is complaining. Numbers 11:1,2

Complaining is expressing dissatisfaction with a circumstance that is not wrong and about which I’m doing nothing to correct.

Complaining involves circumstances.

Instead of Complaining - Give Thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Wilderness attitude number two is Criticism - Criticism involves people.

What Exactly is a Critical Spirit?

A “critical spirit,” is an attitude of criticism and fault-finding, which seeks to tear others down. Negative thinking that relates to people is called criticism.

Yes there is “constructive criticism.” The only criticism that is ever constructive is that which is expressed in love to “build up,” not to tear down — it is always expressed face-to-face, never behind their back. 

The person with a critical spirit usually dwells on the negative, seeks for flaws rather than good. They’re a complainer, usually always upset, and generally have a problem or a complaint about something.

Who hasn't been critical of someone else and said, either aloud or inwardly, "Who does he think he is?" Often we don't understand the details of someone's actions or have all the facts. we say things about the person and sometimes damage the loyalty and well-being of that person. Often times the problem is not with the other person, the problem is actually with me.             Romans 14:10,12,13

Miriam, Moses sister was a very godly woman. She criticized and paid the price. Let's compare 2 verses and find the common denominator.

Numbers 11:1 & Numbers 12:1,2


That principle was at work when Aaron and Miriam criticized Moses for marrying the Cushite woman. “I don’t like the woman he married. I don’t know why he married her. Why didn’t he check with us first? Why didn’t he talk to me? I would never have—” The real issue was not Moses’ wife, it was jealousy.


Criticism is wrong.

Criticism is a sin, and a critical attitude will hinder your fellowship with God.

Our critical attitude hurts us.


Prescription For a Healthy Mind

A number of years ago, a psychiatrist wrote an article about the causes of mental and emotional disturbances. 

From over 10,000 case studies, he discovered that there was a common trait with all his patients who suffered from severe tension. "They were habitual fault-finders, constant critics of people and things around them. Those who were free from tension, were the least critical. His conclusions were that the habit of fault-finding is a prelude or mark of the nervous, or the mentally unbalanced. Those who wish to retain good emotional and mental health, should learn to free themselves from a negative and critical attitude." 

The habit of criticizing is a personally destructive pattern of thinking.

The only way to replace a critical attitude is for God's Love to rule in us and through us.       Love is far more than affection.

Biblical love speaks the truth, shows affection and the 2 cannot be separated.

Matthew 15:18

The Christian’s tongue should never be used for anything but good. Ephesians.4:29

God does not like bad attitudes because attitudes predict the future. Proverbs 23:7. 

Attitudes are patterns of thinking formed over a long period of time. You can’t think in critical, negative, faultfinding, complaining ways without becoming that person!

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.”